Our 3 favorite new Instagram features

With Instagram consistently rolling out new features on their platform, it can be hard to dedicate time and attention to exploring all of them.

The good news is, we’ve tried Instagram’s newest features so you don’t have to. We’ve selected our top three favorite features that can improve your brand’s social media marketing presence.

1. Links in Stories

The ability to add links to Instagram stories was previously limited to accounts with 10K+ followers, and we’re so glad the rules have changed. Anyone can now use the “link” button under story tools to paste a link into your Instagram story and customize the call to action.

This is a great tool for sales, outreach, brand recognition, and more. Adding your link to your bio and then to your Instagram story will ensure maximum exposure.

Plus, including direct links right in Stories removes friction for the customer experience so they're more likely to visit the link you want them to.

2. Block feature

Don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes you’ve just gotta hit “block.” Running public business pages results in a lot of spam pileup in the DMs. It's just part of the territory.

But when you hit that block button now, you can select an option to block the selected account and any other accounts that might be created by that particular person or bot.

This saves the headache of individually blocking every spam account that might be created by the same device or person.

3. General search

You no longer have to search for a specific account, location, or hashtag on Instagram to find what you’re looking for. Because Instagram is focusing more on keyword searches, you can now use Instagram for general searches.

For example, if you type “coffee” into the Instagram search bar and then select “Places,” you can find coffee shops near you. While there may still be some kinks when using this feature, you can typically search for a general topic or idea to find what you’re looking for.


We appreciate these new features that create a better user experience not only for those of us running business pages but also for the customers we're trying to reach.

Which of these new features has been your favorite so far?