3 Ways to Make your Reels Stand Out

If you’ve been on Instagram anytime within the past year, chances are you’ve noticed that your feed is heavy with videos. The majority of these videos are most likely Reels, compilations of short clips often set to music or recorded audio.

Because Instagram has been heavily pushing Reels (gotta keep up with TikTok), many content creators and brands have begun to use this tool more frequently. Posting Instagram Reels can be a great way to get more impressions and possibly followers on your account.

Here are three tips for creating successful Reels:

Hit the sweet spot with 7-second clips

The algorithm is really liking 7-second clips with a few lines of text in the video set to a catchy tune. You may be thinking the longer the Reel the better. But the idea is to keep your viewers’ attention while getting across one short message. The video will play on a loop, and the short clips mean that you’ll get more watch time as viewers try to read the text.

Videos are in, photos are out

Reels tend to get picked up by the algorithm if more video clips are used instead of a photo-compilation slideshow. If you want to cover a lot of material within the Reel, set your videos to less than one second each, but the motion of the clip is important.

Use trending sounds

Check out the “suggested for you” sound options when creating your Reel, and try to make a Reel that will fit. There are certain sounds that trend through the algorithm, and you’re more likely to get seen if you go along with the trend.

Ready, set, REEL

Creating Reels can be challenging at first when you're trying to figure out sound and video synchronization—but don’t give up. It seems like the trend is here to stay for a bit, so try it out and have fun.

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