April Internet Roundup: The internet really works

It’s been a whirlwind of an April here at Paris Mountain Marketing (probably for you, too). So we’re staggering into May, fully vaccinated (well, almost) and ready to share some of the highlights of the month, including a quick rundown on our latest project. If you ever needed proof that the internet works, we’ve got it here this month.

Instagram guides--another tool for organic engagement

Everyone’s all about Instagram Reels. But we’d like to talk about Instagram Guides for a minute. With Guides, your brand can curate posts on a particular topic, share helpful recommendations, create a catalogue of products, or a collection of tips. Easily scrollable and shareable, Guides are a great way to direct your audience to specific offerings or give ideas for how to use and enjoy your products and services. Here’s another helpful how-to for leveraging Instagram Guides for your brand.

So what’s the deal with Reels? An experiment from Hootsuite

Is there really a difference between sharing a video as a post, IGTV, or a Reel? Actually, there’s a huge difference--and Hootsuite breaks it down for you in an experiment they ran recently. As Instagram’s newest video feature that started rolling out last year, videos posted as Reels perform leaps and bounds above other video content. As a competitor to TikTok, Instagram rewards users who post quality Reels.

With our own social media clients, we’ve seen an increase in reach and followers each time we post a Reel. The kicker, though, is that your Reel has to be 30 seconds or less. For longer-form videos, Instagram Live and IGTV are your next best option. And because Instagram usually notifies followers when a brand goes live, that’s a great way to boost engagement when you’re making an important announcement or sharing from an event.

Brutally honest brand slogans

We love a good slogan, but these 25 new slogans from Buzzfeed made us smirk and LOL in turn. Poking fun at our common experiences with these major brands, Buzzfeed has hit the nail on the head with each one.

And the highlight of our month: Bear Shadow music festival

This month’s highlight--and maybe the highlight of the past 12 months, honestly--was the successful run of the very first Bear Shadow music festival in Highlands, NC. As everyone knows, event planning the past year has been an exercise in constant pivot, and Bear Shadow was no exception.

As a sister festival to the annual Highlands Food & Wine festival, Bear Shadow was a newcomer to the festival scene here in the Southeast. We started from scratch, building the logo and branding as well as social media accounts from the ground up. Then came email marketing, 2021 festival creative, event photography, and live event social media coverage.

And the crazy thing? The major player in making it all happen was simply the internet--never underestimate the power of good social media marketing and email marketing.

It was surreal seeing it all come together (safely and responsibly) after the heck of the year we’ve all had. And tell ya what--there’s nothing quite like seeing months and months of work come together in a concrete, experiential way.