August Internet Roundup

OK so we're a couple of days late--we're busy making things on the internet, OK?

We'll miss summer. But this heat? Debatable. In addition to showing you our favorite things about the hot mess that we call The Internet this month, we thought we’d let you in on what we do here at Paris Mountain Marketing.

Following the recent “Poorly explain what you do for a living” trend on social media

When asked to explain what we do here at PMM, our team explained it as honestly as we possibly could...

"I just do stuff and things and then ask clients what they need done. No, I am not kidding at all.” -- Jackie, Founder & Owner

"I herd people." -- Kylie, Client Manager

"I refresh Instagram and Facebook all day until my fingers cramp.” --Lauren, Social Media Manager

"I write things on the internet that make people want to spend money.” --Amanda, Creative Content Manager

Technically, this is all too true. But let’s dive a bit deeper into a few of our creative services...

Community Management

Community management--ever heard of it? Over here at PMM, we have been experimenting with Google Review response in addition to our regularly scheduled programming of community engagement across our clients’ accounts.

This article by Social Media Today highlights how to engage with a social media following/community. But we’ve taken it one step further. We’ve been engaging with our clients’ Google Reviews by responding to each one-- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even a simple “Thank you for the five-star review!” is noticed and appreciated by the public. This initiative helps boost your Google Search Quality score. And putting in this level of personalization and effort truly sets brands apart from the competition.

Event Marketing

Events are back, baby! We’re talking live, in-person events, not Instagram live concerts and Zoom happy hours. While this is extremely exciting, and we are all beyond ready to get our kicks with some live music, marketing for events in 2021 comes with a brand new set of challenges.

This year, PMM has taken on the responsibility of navigating event marketing while communicating the importance of our clients’ COVID-19 safety policies to the public. This article by BizBash gives four great tips on event marketing in 2021, but PMM personally recommends these points when considering messaging for live events:

  • Developing and communicating new/updated COVID protocol

  • Circumventing ticket sale loss or refund by partnering with an official reseller rather than refunding tickets

  • Lengthening the ticket sales window to provide last-minute purchases.

From the revenue side of things, fewer people may not be such a bad thing at in-person events, and increasing ticket prices while allowing for price increases due to additional safety protocol is a good language workaround to consider.


All of our creative services start with copywriting: brand development, SEO optimization, social media management, website design and development--you name it.

Communicating a clear message is foundational to every aspect of your marketing. This article by Marketing Sherpa highlights 8 examples of successful marketing copy. Because let's be real: we all know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut. Writer’s block doesn’t just apply to creative novel writing; it can apply to social media copy, blogs, and even the little blurbs that go on an infographic.