December Internet Roundup

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Just a year ago, we collectively looked toward 2021 with hope. Ah, how young and naive.

Dare we say that the past couple of years has taught us valuable skills like being flexible and holding plans with open hands.

This year we got by with a little help from our music. Here's an exclusive look at the listening habits of Paris Mountain Marketing.

Spotify Wrapped: PMM Edition

Like any good marketers, we're suckers for some stats. And like any normal humans, we're suckers for stats that show us insights about ourselves.


"It was surprisingly upbeat and dare I say…fun? I had a lot of full albums in heavy rotation, like 'Gold-Diggers Sound' and 'The Ballad of Dood and Juanita.'"


"I was not at all surprised when I saw that three out of my five top songs of the year were Taylor Swift. She released two amazing new albums in 2020, but I listened every single day deep into 2021.

I listened to her for a total of 2,618 minutes, which is 43 hours. Almost 2 whole days of 2021 were technically spent listening to Taylor Swift, and I regret none of it."


"This is the first year since 2015 that Sufjan Stevens wasn't my #1 top artist. Hammock won that spot this year because I listened to the Columbus soundtrack on repeat, mostly while sleeping (btw an amazing movie for architecture nerds).

But apparently the opening song to my life's soundtrack is Andy Gibbs's 'Shadow Dancing,' and I'd like to ride that energy into 2022."


Kylie uses Pandora, but here are her top 3 stations:

Brian Culbertson Radio (jazz) I listen to this the most. It's a combination of my favorite jazz artists like (obviously) Brian Culbertson and another Dave Koz. You can thank my parents for this. I listen to it a lot when I'm working and when I was packing to move.

Luke Combs Radio Love me some country, especially guys like Luke. He has a lot of artists on his station from TX that you wouldn't normally hear, like Wade Bowen.

Hip Hop BBQ - What's not to love about some throwback 2000s bangers?

Miracle and Wonder: Conversations with Paul Simon

It's an audiobook that plays more like a really long musical podcast (there is no print version). For fans or the curious alike, this series of interviews with Paul Simon and Malcolm Gladwell is a delight to listen to. Available on Audible, at the link above, or through library apps like Hoopla.

Ready for Instagram's chronological feed?

We sure are. We're interested to see how many people actually make the switch and how it will change our social media strategy. It might take a while for us all to get our bearings, but we're overall excited about this change. It's a small step in the right direction for overall social media health, and we're in favor of any change that makes social media better for the end-user.

New year, new marketing strategy?

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