Introducing Monthly Internet Roundups

If this year has you considering deleting every online profile you have and retreating off the grid--we hear you! 2020 has been weird in so many ways, exacerbated partly because of how connected we are to each other and to information (and disinformation) online.

So we had an idea: Why don't we do a monthly roundup of helpful and delightful links from around the internet?

At the end of each month, we'll share a post with links to ideas and information that will make you not hate the WWW.

Learn along with us about various aspects of the interwebs, including marketing strategy, best practices, and resources as well as some delightful tidbits that just make life a little bit better.

Here's what rocked our socks in October...


"Spot the Troll" quiz from Clemson

Can you tell the difference between a legitimate social media account and a fake account created for sharing disinformation? It's probably a lot harder than you think. Take Clemson's quiz and find out how internet savvy you are.

Google's "Be Internet Awesome" digital literacy resources for kids

We've entered the point where upcoming generations will never know what pre-internet life was like. And with that comes a new category of literacy--digital literacy. If adults are being taken in by fake news, trolls, and social comparison, you bet your kids are, too. Google recently developed digital literacy resources for parents/guardians to use with their kids at home as well as classroom resources teachers can use for adding digital literacy to their curriculum.

The Social Dilemma Fails to Tackle the Real Issues in Tech” from Slate

Netflix’s recent documentary presents a pretty bleak picture of social media. And if you’re already feeling burnt out on social media, The Social Dilemma just might push you over the edge to delete all your accounts and dig out your old flip phone. As a marketing company, we have a front-row seat to the pros and cons of social media, so naturally watching this documentary was a priority. But we have to say we agree with Slate on this one--the dramatized documentary could have used a little more nuance. While we can see the flair for the dramatic, are they really telling us anything we don’t know already? Decide for yourselves...

Understanding your customer changes how you market to them (5 mini case studies)

You know your industry and your business inside and out--which actually makes it a lot harder to market to your audience effectively. *Insert shameless plug for Paris Mountain Marketing* Marketing with your customer in mind requires empathy as well as listening to what your customer actually wants/needs instead of what you want to tell them. These 5 case studies show how this mindset shift can lead to really impressive results.

"Why Americans Have Turned to Nesting" from The Atlantic

Between stress baking sessions and Tiger King marathons, a lot of us have found ourselves nesting. Maybe you're one of them? For me (Amanda), this has played out in researching kitchen tool upgrades on Wirecutter (and finally purchasing a good coffee grinder), writing a long list of cleaning and organization projects, and creating cozy in any way I can. Getting my (Jackie's) family and partner involved in all my *ahem* nesting means we’re all contributing to a cleaner and more organized space, which is a win-win. We’ve also taken to analog entertainment, planting hundreds of flowers, shrubs, bushes and trees, GOT MARRIED, and collected a few more coveted pieces of original art. But it takes work--real work, people--to step away from the digital white noise...


What nooks and crannies of the internet are keeping you sane, informed, and smiling? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.