January Internet Roundup

2022: so far, so good. We stayed busy with conferences, writing RFPs, celebrating Dolly's birthday—you know, the usual.

We've also been busy gathering some choice links for you, of both personal and professional interest.

Dare we start with a Covid satire piece?

Who's ready to stop overanalyzing every sniff, tickle, or body ache? We sure are. This piece from the New Yorker will make you laugh and groan in turn.

Wendy's National Roast Day on Twitter

The other most wonderful time of the year. Who knew a fast-food chain could be so snarky?

Wendy's social media voice and tone is sassy all year 'round. But when National Roast Day comes around, they're on fire (pun intended).

Learn a new language as you browse

Is learning a new language one of your 2022 resolutions/intentions? The Toucan extension for Chrome helps you learn new words in your language of choice as you browse the internet.

Save words to your personal dictionary, and turn the extension off and on as needed.

Marketing Examples: Like Pinterest for copywriters

Regardless of the marketing channel, getting the words right is challenging but essential.

We've been following Harry Dry and his copywriting tips on LinkedIn for a while. But now there's a website full of great copywriting examples from around the web and IRL as well as the reason why it works.

(Oh, and be sure to check out Eddie Shleyner's copywriting tips on LinkedIn, too.)

Instagram introduces subscriptions

With the rise of platforms like Patreon for bonus materials and donor perks, we're seeing social media follow suit.

Two years after Facebook introduced subscriptions for its users, Instagram is rolling out a subscription feature for creators. Plus Facebook subscriptions are getting an update.

Really Good Emails UNSPAM conference

Conference session with audience sitting in chairs in the foreground. There are 4 male speakers on the stage.

Who knew being around a bunch of email marketing nerds could be so fun? Amanda attended this year's conference and came away with plenty of inspiration and motivation (oh, and cool stickers).

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