July Internet Roundup: Takin' care of business

This month’s roundup is a little shorter because we were busy building the internet (more on that later). Here’s what caught our eyes long enough to save for later...

Instagram stories drafts are now available to all users

If we counted how many times we started creating an Instagram story only to realize we needed to leave for a meeting or jump on a call...we’d be flush. Saving Instagram story drafts has saved our skin many times, and we’re glad they’re finally making the option open to all users so you can enjoy the benefits yourself. Not only does this feature let you pause your story making, it’s a great way to build a set of stories to have them at the ready so you can publish at a moment’s notice. Think: product launch, ticket sales, exciting announcements, etc.

A Twitter thread about customer personas that got us thinking…

Don’t waste money on getting the “right answer to the wrong question.” Matt Lerner (@matthlerner) breaks down why simply building customer personas based purely on demographic attributes may not be the most effective way to build your marketing strategy. Instead, think about the problem that your customer is facing. When you position your messaging from the point of view of your customer’s pain point, you’ll connect a lot quicker than simply listing an array of features of your product or service. (This is where all the research about fear of loss vs. desire for gain comes into play.)

Social media marketing consultation this month

This month we led a 2-session social media marketing consultation with a company that needed expert guidance for making their social media marketing work for them. They already have a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram but had gotten little traction.

Before the consultations, our team looked at every piece of their current marketing collateral, including their social media accounts, website, and brand guide, and compiled a list of what they’re doing well, what they need to improve, and steps for moving forward.

In our presentation, we guided them through some branding exercises, including empathy mapping and StoryBrand-inspired messaging exploration. We helped them identify their social media audience as well as how to use that information to create content that would make meaningful connections with their audience.

We all left the sessions feeling inspired and motivated to make the internet a better place.

G7 Summit leaders take a pop culture turn in this hilarious (to us) TikTok video

We don’t know if there’s anything that we need to say about it except...we’re sorry for getting that song stuck in your head (again).