June & July Internet Roundup

This summer has whizzed by in a blur. That, combined with a couple of cases of the pandy-dandy and some client site visits, we decided to combine the June and July roundups into one post. Here's what's making our toes curl lately...

Fork and Plough - Best Overall Restaurants in Greenville, SC

We love seeing our clients get the attention they deserve. So we were excited to see Fork and Plough, a neighborhood farm-to-table restaurant, make it on the "Best Overall Restaurants in Greenville" list on OpenTable. If you've never made it to this Greenville gem, view the menu (it changes twice daily) and make your reservations. Then in the meantime, ogle their social feeds on Instagram and Facebook.

The "We Don't Waste" Reading List

Speaking of client success, we've loved seeing Dr. Ken Kolb's latest book, Retail Inequality: Reframing the Food Desert Debate, pop up on book lists, in podcasts, and in interviews over the past several months. One look at this book list just about maxed out our library checkouts.

Design the 2023 Bear Shadow music festival poster

Our favorite spring music festival, Bear Shadow, will be emerging from hibernation once again in April 2023. But first, they're running a concert poster design contest, complete with prizes. Whether you're a designer or know someone who is, this is a fun challenge to capture the spirit of Music, Mountains & Revelry.

Oh, and stay tuned for the dates and lineup announcements coming soon.

The "American Girls Podcast" (yeah, THAT American Girl)

Whether you read the books, had a doll, or pored over the catalog or magazine, American Girl has been a rite of passage for many girls for the past 35 years. And now you can relive the American Girl experience, book by book, alongside podcast hosts Mary Mahoney and Allison Horrocks. The "American Girls Podcast" is a deep dive into the American Girl series from the perspective of two historians, weaving together serious history, humorous speculation, and pop culture.

Where did the "Little Miss" and American Girl memes come from?

It's the burning question we're all asking these days. Even as the trend starts to fizzle out and another will take its place, we find the latest nostalgia memifications of "Little Miss" and American Girl intriguing.