March Internet Roundup

Updated: Jun 6

It's a short roundup this month, with a few of our favorite things. And we won't even mention the second anniversary of *you know what.*

Instagram's chronological feed is back

We don't have to curse The Algorithm anymore. Instagram now gives users the option to view their feed in chronological order instead of engagement-based order.

The kicker is that it's not automatic or permanent. So here's how to do it:

  1. Open the app and click on the Instagram logo in the top left corner.

  2. Check "Following" from the drop-down.

  3. See posts only from the accounts you follow, in chronological order.

Have just a few accounts that you never want to miss a post from? Add accounts to your Favorites and select that view from the dropdown instead.

From a user experience POV, this can help cut down on mindless scrolling (maybe) but also deliver better value when viewing the content you find most valuable.

From a marketing POV, directing your most loyal fans to favorite your account can help you get better engagement by making sure the right people always see your posts.

The humans behind TSA's hilarious Instagram account (yes, that TSA)

We've shared the TSA Instagram account here before. But ICYMI, check out the "travel tips & dad joke hits" for yourself.

When a brand is particularly good at engaging its audience with delightful content, it's natural to wonder about the real humans working behind the scenes. This peek behind the curtain from the New York Times is a fun exploration of the team that keeps the TSA's social accounts running, from posting to answering travelers' questions.

Oscars fashion to add some pop to your culture...

This year's Oscars has been a major topic of conversation for good reason. But we're gonna take a second to direct some attention to the fashion trends on parade.

Here are our picks for our fave Oscars fashion:

Jackie: Zeyenda

Kylie: Jessica Chastain!!! I bow down

Lauren: Nicole Kidman!

Amanda: Lupita Nyong’o