March Internet Roundup: Stuff you can read while waiting for your vaccine appointment

We’re hoping that this spring and summer will be a real shot in the arm, so to speak, as we approach the end of the pandemic with cautious optimism. We could make a jab at those who are experiencing pandemic fatigue. But we won’t--because, honestly, we get it. So instead, we’ll keep our distance and share some links that are infectiously inspiring.

Etsy’s compassionate email segmentation

It’s common practice for brands to segment their email lists to deliver relevant and timely content to subscribers. It’s not just considerate--it drives better engagement for the brand.

But Etsy’s March 25 email campaign adds another layer of awesome to their email marketing segmentation. In anticipation of Mother’s Day this May, Etsy is giving their email subscribers an option to opt out of Mother’s Day messaging while still receiving updates on the latest finds. Check out their brief yet thoughtful email campaign here.

TSA’s Instagram account will make you LOL (yes, THAT TSA)

We serendipitously stumbled upon TSA’s Instagram account (don’t ask) and were LOLing in no time. If dad jokes and puns are your jam and/or you enjoy being dumbfounded at the unbelievable things people think they can get away with, then be sure to follow. As mom always said, there’s no cure for stupid. But it’s sure fun to watch at a safe distance.

atHome article that will have you craving beer at brunch

Deposing mimosas as the brunch bev of choice, beer is now in vogue, according to a recent collaboration of The Eighth State Brewing Company and one of our clients, Fork and Plough (hey fyi we offer media PR). atHome writer Stephanie Burnett shares Chef Shawn Kelly’s brunch-beer pairings of choice. And you’ll want to get your hands on that XL cinnamon roll recipe stat (or at least reserve your spot at brunch this weekend).

The Village of West Greenville is on the radar at Forbes

We’ve made our (professional) home in the Village of West Greenville with the fine folks at Atlas Local coworking space. We’re just one of the many local creative businesses on this side of town, and it’s exciting to see some of our favorite spots get the recognition they deserve. We’re partial to Kuka Juice ourselves--one of our website clients and go-to places to grab something tasty and healthy for lunch.

To make you laugh: “The UX on this small child is terrible” by Leslie Ylinen

Having kids is like a box of chocolates--you never know what you’re gonna get. But there are certain universals you can count on. Anyone who has kids or has spent significant time around kids will get a chuckle (or groan) out of Leslie Ylinen’s clever and honest technical review of her first small child.

Two of our favorites: The Covid vaccine and Dolly Parton

We’ll leave you with this article from NPR from the beginning of the month, featuring one of our favorite ladies and our new favorite medical marvel. We always knew Dolly was badass, but she continues to endear us to her. In fact, she’s basically the patron saint of women-owned businesses across the country, even inspiring Jeni’s Ice Cream to create a flavor in her honor.