May Internet Roundup

May was a blur, but here are a few links we collected along the way. As markets and demographics rapidly shift, marketers can't rely on "what we've always done." It literally changes from week to week.

"Music festivals are growing up and Bear Shadow is showing the way"

It was fun seeing our client's spring music festival Bear Shadow featured in this piece. As festivalgoers get older, they want a more grown-up festival experience without sacrificing the fun and joy. For our part, that means more sophisticated branding, creative, and messaging.

"Instagram Reels templates: The game-changing feature for creating Reels"

Reels have quickly taken over as the most effective type of post on Instagram. Now with templates rolling out, creating Reels will be easier and quicker than ever.

"Working from home's impact on marketing strategy and messaging"

This article was written in May 2020, so looking at it with the eyes of May 2022 is particularly interesting. Even now, we've noticed more commercials set at home or displaying a WFH setup, even for non-household products and services. Messaging continues to refer to working from home, working remotely, or "returning to the office."

"Luxury hospitality is losing its mystique"

Luxury hospitality brands are currently in the midst of losing massive amounts of customers if they aren’t willing to rethink their high-end value props. With the market turning, people with expendable money will demand more than a fancy snap and a 40,000 ft narrative. They want hyper unique value props.

Writing with Bernard the Baguette: A Kids (Fun and Silly) Guide to Discover the Joys of Writing

Whether you have a reluctant or an enthusiastic writer in your life, this fun and silly guide will not only help them develop their skills but also find joy in writing. Geared for ages 7-12.