November Internet Roundup: 5 Links We Loved This Month

Well, well, well, November. You’ve left us a little worse for wear, but what else did we expect?

Thankfully there were some good things published on the internet this month, and we’d like to share some of those interesting, informative, and delightful tidbits with you today.

“Keyword search is coming to Instagram” from The Verge

Hashtags on Instagram will soon be a thing of the past. And honestly, I don’t think we’re mad about it. There’s nothing worse than writing a thoughtful, engaging post and then slapping a block of hashtags on it. Somehow hashtags seem weird and corny, inauthentic and slimy. But if you want to share your value with others, it’s just been the (regrettable) thing you’ve had to do.

The new search feature (which is still rolling out--stay tuned) is relatively limited. But maybe that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As the article points out, this new search feature doesn’t allow searches for political topics, conspiracy theory groups, and the like. Maybe this is a step toward breaking the cycle of harmful internet rabbit holes? We can only hope.

“Rewriting landing pages with a pro copywriter” from Marketing Examples

Customers buy a feeling, a solution to their problem, a desired identity--not a product or its features. If you’re not seeing the growth you want, it might not be your product or service; it might just be how you talk about your product or service. The key? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. That sounds cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. We love these examples of how simply rewriting the heading on a landing page can make a huge difference in conversion.

“‘Emily in Paris’ and the Rise of Ambient TV” from The New Yorker

Initially, this article caught my eye because of the mention of the new Netflix series showcasing digital marketing and social media management (#nerdalert). But there’s a twist...maybe an ironic one. Chayka explores how more and more shows are actually becoming ambient TV to our own social media scrolling. (You know you do it, too…) And what better ambiance than lots of B-roll footage of Paris while we’re all stuck at home, amiright?

“Snap is the latest to copy TikTok with ‘Spotlight’ — it's all about ‘The Three Vs’” from Robinhood

The TL;DR is that all the social platforms are in an endless cycle of copying each other, namely with Viral Vertical Video content. Why have a million social accounts that do different things when you can do ALL the things on one platform (and, from the social platform’s POV, keep the ad $$ flowing in)?

As a side note, you might wonder if you need to jump on the Snapchat or TikTok bandwagon. We say: do it if it makes sense for your brand and if you’re willing to put in the effort.

What Kind of Woman: Poems by Kate Baer

As a woman-owned-and-operated business, we’re always on the lookout for other admirable women in business and culture. And what better way to celebrate women and womanhood than Kate Baer’s little-but-fierce debut poetry collection released this month? Leave it to Baer to say all the things women think and feel all. the. time. but rarely express. What Kind of Woman will leave you highlighting lines, dog-earing pages, and sending poem after poem to the remarkable women in your life.

Also, pro tip: If you’re scrambling to meet your 2020 reading goal, poetry collections are a great option. You’re welcome.