October & November Internet Roundup

We're finally resurfacing after a couple of crazy months full of all our favorite things (you know food and bubbles were involved).

The highlights of the past couple of months include...

  • Launching the full branding and landing page for the new Hester General Store, coming to Easley, SC, in spring 2022

  • Dancing to our favorite tunes at the sold-out Highlands Food & Wine festival in Highlands, NC, after months of creative design, email marketing, social media marketing, and general scheming and dreaming

  • Eating and drinking our way through some of the best the Upstate has to offer at the Greenbrier Farms Campfire Social in support of Project Host (another sold out event we marketed)

But that's not all. We were also busy crunching numbers and making a new tool to advise clients better when they ask...

"Where should I spend my money if I want new customers (reach) or more revenue (ROI)?"

We worked with one of our agency partners to create an advertising calculator so that we can easily show clients exactly where and how much to spend to meet their specific advertising goals.

Using industry standards and minimum spend for advertising mediums including AdWords, social, billboards, Spotify, I Heart Radio, search retargeting, and direct mail, we can determine the best media mix for a client's specific budget and forecast results.

Depending on budget and ROI goals, our plug-and-play calculator will adjust accordingly and provide recommendations.


We felt a little like mad scientists working on this, tbh. And we're ready to nerd out about numbers and ROI and all that jazz with you.

Send us a message to get in on this new tool to see what advertising channels will work for you.

Maintenance Phase podcast

We're officially in holiday season by this point. And to be honest, holidays can come with a lot guilt for many people. Comments about your weight, how much you're eating (or not eating), doing a few jumping jacks in the bathroom as penance for that extra piece of pie you ate, planning a detox for January--it just doesn't end.

One thing that's helping us get through this season is a fresh look at diet culture, weight stigma, and so much more via the Maintenance Phase podcast.

Hosts Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes "debunk the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams, and nonsensical nutrition advice" with research, humor, and nuance (something we could all use a little more of these days).

Here's to loving our bodies--and the bodies of those we love--this holiday season.