September Internet Roundup

This month, instead of just rounding up interesting tidbits from the internet, we're sharing some things we're learning and noticing. But don't worry--we're still imparting one glorious internet treasure at the end.

Just posting on social media doesn't hack it anymore

We spend a lot of time educating clients on the value of social media marketing and advertising. A big point we highlight is that the times have changed--gone are the days where you just slapped a post up and called it a day.

There are now no less than 4 ways to promote your brand on Instagram: a post, a Reel, IGTV, and IG Stories. All have different formats, all require different content, all require different posting schedules.

Top it all off with organic engagement to create authentic, personal connections, we can literally spend up to 40 hours per week providing high-quality Instagram management for 1 client.

And those hours add up because we can prove that for every $800/month spend on social media advertising (not management retainer), you can expect a reach of 18,000 people and a $3500 monthly revenue gain. You expound on that spend and you can make large revenue gains quickly. But it doesn’t come without a price tag of time, money, and effort.


One simple way to boost your email marketing performance

Less is more, or so they say. Well, we say it, too, at least when it comes to your email list.

It's one of the many paradoxes of life: In order to get better results from your email marketing, you need to clean up your subscribers on a regular basis.

Here's a look at email performance for one of our clients' email newsletter stats (we use Campaign Monitor):

June and July newsletters had decent open rates at 36.5% and 37.1% respectively. But there was a lot of dead weight (sorry) of unengaged subscribers who were bringing that number down. We thought we could increase our email marketing engagement simply by removing subscribers who weren't even opening the emails.

So we sent a reengagement campaign to subscribers who hadn't opened our emails between January and July 2021. It was short and sweet, telling them we were removing them from the email list and inviting them to stay on the list if they still wanted to receive emails.

Amazingly enough, we got a 47.2% open rate on that email (although a very tiny click rate), and a handful of people asked to remain on the list.

The August 2021 email open rate and click rate jumped up a few percentage points to 43.9% and 35.9% respectively.

Simply cleaning up the email subscriber list boosted our email marketing performance--such a simple fix with significant returns. And let's be honest--we did those unengaged subscribers a favor, too.


How to use Facebook groups to your advantage

Yes, you heard that right: Facebook Groups. You know, those things that Mom always brings up that she “saw something funny” in the other day and we mostly cannot relate.

But joining Facebook Groups is actually a pretty solid and sneaky social media marketing tool. So here's the 411 on what’s been working for us by incorporating this tool into our social media strategy.

Facebook Groups can work to your advantage by helping your Facebook posts achieve unpaid impressions and reach. Basically, sharing your posts into niche Facebook Groups that relate to the post can help get more eyes on the post, more Facebook page followers, and impressions without having to place an ad.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to break it down for you even more:

DO: Find Facebook groups that correlate to what your post is about. Example-- one of our clients is a nonprofit that manages public lands in multiple states. We share Facebook posts about events, happenings, and nature into groups titled “Nature in Georgia” or “Best Camping Places in Georgia.”

DON’T: Share irrelevant posts about your client such as employee bios, customer testimonials/ reviews, or a call to action to visit their website. To be frank, no one cares and these posts are likely to get less impressions.

DO: Follow the group rules. Many Facebook groups do not allow shared posts, advertisements, or “spam.” Read these rules before joining the group for your business.

DON’T: Join the groups as your personal Facebook profile. Try to join from your business page so it appears more professional.

Note: Not every post to a group ensures hundreds of new impressions. This strategy can be hit-or-miss at times. But hey--it never hurts to grab that low-hanging fruit.


Our new favorite website:

Here's the best thing we've found all year: a platform that matches startups with developers in the most delightful way ever. It's part quest, part early internet throwback, part digital geek, but full delight.

From a strategy standpoint, is an excellent website.:

  • Clean layout that follows the customer's logical thought sequence (you'd be surprised at how many websites don't do that well)

  • Messaging that's focused on the customer, not on the business

  • Top three value propositions sitting above the fold

  • Copy that is lighthearted and fun without sacrificing clarity--you're never confused about what they're saying.

  • Expressing empathy by identifying the main challenges and frustrations most startups experience

  • Positioning as a trustworthy guide to solving customers' problems

We see a lot of overlap with this strategy and the StoryBrand messaging framework, proving that you can stick to a proven method without making your website seem cookie cutter.

Paris Mountain Marketing knows that a website, social media profile, or email that works isn't one that just looks pretty but has a real strategy behind it. We take the guesswork out of it for you so you can focus on growing your business. Email us to get started.