Marketing strategies, opportunities, and best practices are constantly developing or changing altogether.


You don't have the time to keep up with it, so we do it for you.


We're always learning, testing, and adjusting—just like any good scientist would.

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Creative strategy

This is where we create the blueprints of your marketing so that you don't waste your time and money on a wild goose chase.

We'll help you define your goals, your messaging and marketing channels, and a timeline for when it will all happen. 

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Social media management

Educate, engage, and delight your audience with interesting content and high-quality graphics and visuals.

Social media is your gate to your customer base. We keep your brand top-of-mind with social media management and engagement.

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Digital advertising

Build brand awareness and capture leads with digital advertising.

With social media ads and Google ads, you can focus your ad budget on people who are the most likely to engage with your brand.

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Website design & development

We build websites with human-friendly content that is designed to play nice with the search engines.

We also optimize all your meta-tags and meta-descriptions and develop a social media marketing strategy that shares helpful content that drives people to your website.

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Email marketing

Email marketing still outperforms all other marketing strategies (yeah, including social media). So you gotta make it count.


Honor your customers' time and trust with email marketing that adds value to their busy lives (and keeps your emails out of the spam folder).

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Marketing consulting

Whether you have a short-term project on the horizon or you need an agency partner to join you as your external marketing department, we offer our expertise to local and regional brands alike.

What our clients say

“Paris Mountain Marketing expands our market presence to many more prospective customers than would otherwise find us if we did our social media in-house.”

Jeff Soladay, Shindig Furnishings


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