The Paris Mountain Marketing team working together at the office in Greenville SC. Paris Mountain Marketing specializes in digital marketing campaigns for social media, websites, and digital ads and engagement.

We lay the groundwork for successful partnerships.

  1. Coordinate a focus group, assessing your target audience to analyze marketing weaknesses

  2. Create vision boards identifying voice & tone, develop overall campaign strategies, & lay out branding guidelines for print, digital, & social media marketing

  3. Identify additional visual assets needed (e.g. photo/video shoots)

  4. Create mock ad concepts & social media posts

  5. Audit social media & update information

Client Fifteen Oaks working on a lanscaping project. Paris Mountain Marketing conducts digital audits to identify weaknesses and strategize growth for your brand.

An overview of our initial marketing audit:


  1. Analysis of your current assets

  2. Initial audit of metrics across platforms

  3. Identifying needs in specific categories of growth and/or development

After an audit, we organize your assets into print, digital, and social media marketing categories to develop messaging and content strategies highlighting the best features of your brand.

Photo of Paris Mountain in Greenville SC. Mountains don't form overnight or even in a week. Making digital impresions through your marketing also doesn't happen overnight. Effective digital marketing takes time, talent, and effort.

We keep our clients in the loop.


We provide monthly project updates and analytics. We also offer ongoing marketing consulting as one of our services so that your existing team can stay up-to-date on changes in the marketing landscape.


Through consultations with past clients, we’ve identified additional marketing initiatives such as web design & development and rebranding opportunities that create a more cohesive branding experience for clients and their consumers alike.

Photo of lettuce growing in Upstate South Carolina. We help companies grow brand awareness and authority.

Written and visual concepts play an equally critical role in cultivating your presence in the marketplace.

  • Proper audience research, targeting, and interaction

  • Frequent, consistent, & high-quality messaging across all marketing platforms

  • Conscientious ad placement to maximize budget

Photo of an antique Smith-Corona typewriter. Content marketing includes copywriting, photos, videos, and puting the right words and visual elements together.

It’s your story; we make sure we get it right the first time.


  • 3 copy & creative revisions in a timely manner

  • 5 business days for ad approval

  • First 30 days social media posts approval