Emberglow Outdoor Resort

Brand refresh, from visual to verbal, for a glampground in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains


Launched right before the pandemic swept over the world, Emberglow Outdoor Resort weathered the storm due to the renewed interest in spending more time outdoors. Emberglow had a website, social media, and email but lacked a true connection to their target audience: people (primarily women) booking getaways for their families and friend groups.‍


  1. We started with a full audit of their website, social media marketing, and email campaigns, noting strengths and opportunities for improvement, presenting our findings and recommendations to the client.
  2. Then we developed a refreshed color palette, moving away from the original severe brand colors (black, white, grey, orange) and giving them a fresh palette to provide not only a wider appeal but also a more outdoorsy, recreational mood.
  3. Next, we clarified their brand messaging, starting with tagline, brand summary, and core brand messaging.
  4. With fresh content in place, we started refining and focusing both social media marketing (Instagram and Facebook) as well as email marketing. Using the core brand messaging as well as imagery and design consistent with their refreshed branding, we have been establishing the updated visual and verbal branding, drawing attention from national brands like King's Hawaiian rolls.
  5. Finally, we wireframed a fresh website layout to make the website feel less cluttered and overwhelming. We streamlined the pages to follow logical user experience, setting up options to view lodging prioritizing the number of people. We partnered with the web developer that they had already been working with to implement the updated wireframe and further streamline the booking process, calendar of events, and navigation.


Branding, Website Design, Project Management, Social Media Management, Email Marketing

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