Paris Mountain Marketing is a full-service marketing studio for brands that enrich the human experience.

Blending data and creativity, we are advocates of good words, design, and community.

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We're advocates...

An advocate uses their knowledge and expertise to speak on behalf of someone else's best interests.

As your brand advocates, we offer a full range of services that amplify your brand's message.

  • Advocates of good words

  • Advocates of good design

  • Advocates of good community

Our Services

Paris Mountain Marketing is an integrated marketing agency that blends data and creativity.

We're a full service marketing studio that works across digital marketing platforms, delivering holistic and cohesive marketing strategies.

We don't just follow the trend du jour. We use data-driven marketing strategies to reach and engage your audience, consulting monthly analytics to determine next steps.

Who we work with:

Food and Beverage
Professional Service
Social Causes
What we do:

Social Media Management
Content Development
Email Marketing
Project Management
Graphic Design
Photo & Video

Let's get to work.

A Hispanic middle school boy kneeling in a creek. He's wearing a FIND Outdoors cap.

[PMM's] professionalism and talent has allowed our non-profit to create and amplify our brand personality, engage with diverse audiences, and provide instant feedback to improve efficiencies. They are a true extension of our team.

Natalie Britt

Former President & CEO, FIND Outdoors

Our Latest Projects

Highlands Food & Wine

Bear Shadow

Emberglow Outdoor Resort

FIND Outdoors